SoWa: Boston's Leading Art's Destination


It doesn't take long to realize that SoWa is not your typical big city retail destination.  We have no mega-malls packed with name brands; no big corporate sponsors; and no cookie-cutter department stores. Fortunately, we have something much better - a community of artisans, designers and entrepreneurs that believe in crafting quality, one-of-a-kind products and letting their creativity shine. 

  Whether it's one of our USA Today Top 10 Art studios or galleries, our countless "Best of Boston" winning shops & boutiques, or the now-famous SoWa Open Market, we're proud to support and promote all of the talented folks that call SoWa home.   


Located at the Intersection of Creativity & Community 


Previously known as a rundown warehouse district, SoWa has since experienced a dramatic renaissance, blossoming into a world-renowned retail & artistic community, and drawing the interest of developers, restaurateurs, and cutting-edge businesses.

Spreading out from the artist studios, galleries and shops on Thayer Street (450 & 460 Harrison Ave), SoWa is viewed as the creative center of Boston's South End neighborhood. Originally derived from a shortening of "South of Washington", SoWa spans the area from Mass Ave to Herald St (East-to-West) and from Shawmut Ave to Albany St (North-to-South).