Paula Ogier
Paula Ogier
Paula Ogier

Ogier's childhood unfolded in Milwaukee, WI and her young adulthood in Miami, FL, before she came to Boston in 1993. Her relationship to these contrasting places has fed her artistic imagination in ways both subtle and obvious.

Ogier paints my multi-layered images with an electronic pen and pad in conjunction with Photoshop. She is self-taught at this curious medium; a result of more than a dozen years of experimentation and happy accidents. She often begins with my photographs or paper collages, building upon on them with digital “paint.” The final images are then giclée printed in bold, beautiful color.

Charmed by both animals and architecture in their far-flung diversity, Ogier find these natural and man-made creatures frequently making their way into her work.  She's also drawn to striking graphics and motifs, taking pleasure in designing patterns inspired by various movements and cultures including Art Deco, Craftsman, Asian, Art Nouveau, Victorian and Americana. Ogier is equally fond of inviting her hand drawn pattern designs into her images.

Her aspiration to arouse beauty and humor makes her less interested in creating art to point out the rotten and unjust things of this world. Ogier leaves that noble cause to others. It is her wish that her art inspires pleasure, joy or wonder.

450 Harrison Ave.
Studio 203
Boston, MA 02118