Ana Latkovic

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Ana is inspired by fluid dynamics and surface erosion. A new art piece always begins with a body of water on a piece of paper that then gets infused with life by using various inks. 

It’s almost as if inks take on a life of their own as they gracefully spread around and mix with water. As anticipation builds up and then releases into feelings of joy, the lack of control all of a sudden becomes very liberating.

Ana mostly uses inks and watercolors but she often uses additional media when adding the finishing touches. This often includes pencils, pastels, pigments and various other tools that help accomplish the vision in mind. Although visual stimuli play an important role in shaping a theme, the interpretation almost always depends on her current emotional state. All of her favorite pieces are actually attempts to paint an emotion.

Ana draws inspiration from her surroundings and past experiences. In between her paintings she usually works on limited edition fiber jewelry and wearable art projects.

450 Harrison Ave.
Studio 316 B
Boston, MA 02118