Marian Dioguardi

Dioguardi_Up Close and Persomal with Buoys_30 X 30in (1).jpg
Dioguardi_ You Say Tomatoes and I Say Pomodori 12 x 12in (1).jpg


The color and chaos of life calls to me. My drive to be immersed in color knows no bounds. 

I paint primarily with pallet knife in oil paint. Pallet knife allows me to respond to textures with a gestural thickness. Painting impasto, thick and lush, contributes boldness and assertiveness to color. Using paint thinly, almost transparently with  one color over another,  gives an ethereal complexity and a depth to color. I  intend for my paintings to move for the viewer; unexpected color and varied painting application techniques make the movement happen. A still life is never still and neither is life. 

My paintings have been recognized with numerous awards over the years. My work is in the public collections of Dana Farber Hospital, Children''s Hospital and Meditech.

450 Harrison Ave.
Boston, MA 02118

Studio #306