Heist - December Thieves: ‘Be a Maker’ Series

The HEIST- BE A MAKER SERIES was designed to bring together local Artisans and Designers with those that ‘wanna be’.  And I know ‘cuz I’m a ‘wanna be’ who did the Dylanium Knits workshop this past winter and can gleefully attest that; 1. I had a blast. And, 2. Went home with a really cool hand knit - or should I say ‘arm knit’ - Infinity Scarf. And 3. Met some super cool peeps. Yup. You get to meet talented and cool people and head home with an awesome product and some artistic skills. Way too cool, my friends! But then, that’s the genius of December Thieves' Lana Bakarat, Best of Boston Proprietor, 2015!

So check this out …

The next Heist Workshop features one of SoWa’s über talented Artists and Designers Jenn Sherr, also known as Boston’s Decoupage Queen. While Jenn regularly teaches Decoupage Classes at her studio on Wareham Street, she and Heist Proprietor Extraordinaire, Ms. Barkarat, are pooling their immeasurable talents for a one-off Decoupage Workshop at Heists’ SoWa location on Sunday, April 24. You know the place and if, per chance you don’t, it’s at 524 Harrison Avenue, smack dab between the usual SoWa Food Truck and Farmers Market parking lots.

And speaking of which, you’ll be able to find Jenn most Sundays at the SoWa Open Market as well as Heist-December Thieves, which is open every Thursday-Sunday. 

Be there, be square.