SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Hoop! There It Is

Carolyn Brancato, founder and creator of Hoop! There It Is (HTII) and certified Hoop Love Coach, began hula hooping in 2011. HTII sprung from her love and passion for working with both children and adults within the special needs field. Carolyn creates custom made hula hoops for fitness, fun, dance, parties, entertainment and more.

After being inspired by a hula hoop dance performance, Carolyn decided to use hula hoop fitness as her daily work-out. She enjoys being able to work out, have fun, and express herself all at once. Carolyn uses her social work background, knowledge and experience from within the human service field and education as a certified Hula Hoop Love Coach, to share how hula hooping can be beneficial to the physical body and the mind.

When she’ll be here: Every Sunday!