SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Mud Pie Concrete Studio

When you think 'concrete' what comes to mind?  Perhaps it's the hustle and bustle of city streets, fresh chalk on a clean side walk, or perhaps you envision that iconic mixing truck, ever turning, pouring something that will last forever.  Mud Pie Concrete Studio is changing the way the world thinks about concrete and it's safe to say concrete is not just for sidewalks anymore.

The New England based company specializes in custom works for all facets of your home.  Whether it's beautiful chairs for your patio or living room, counter tops for your kitchen, fireplaces, and even geometric vases and lighting fixtures. 

Don't believe me?  Come see AND TOUCH for yourself!  Concrete has a feel of cool warmness, giving you a sense of strength and softness at the same time.  And because of it's flexbility, comes the ability to do absolutely anything when it comes to design.

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When they're here: Every Sunday at the Arts & Crafts Market, 460 Harrison Ave.