SoWa Spotlight: Arnie Casavant

When Arnie Casavant paints, he is constantly chasing light. Light, as he describes it, brings beauty to the eye. He finds this beauty in the city of Boston and the land of New Hampshire; both landscapes breathe life into Arnie’s work. His changing surroundings produce a dramatic contrast between his urban paintings and his depictions of the north country. Whether he paints on location or in his studio, the dramatic effect of light remains a constant.

The three pieces featured above depict varied subjects, yet they are unified by the exploration of the dance and play of light. Here’s what Arnie shared about each one. 

"Walking Alone" is a rendition of the Old South Church inspired by the dancing glow of streetlights. A lone figure walking the streets of Boston during a recent snow storm screamed PAINT ME! "Mad River" depicts a New Hampshire snow scene and the playful exchange of warm light on the cold river. "Lunch Time" explores the stark contrast of black and white patterns on Hereford cows, enhanced by the gleam of sunlight. A trip to the Maryland countryside, with its rolling hills and endless farmland, brought forward this scene, a scene Arnie had contemplated painting for years.

Arnie is a retired High School Art Instructor and Administrator. He is passionate about teaching and painting, which he developed upon leaving the secondary classroom 12 years ago. 

You can find Arnie in Studio 218 at 450 Harrison Ave. View his work on SoWa First Fridays, SoWa Open Studios, or upon request.