SoWa Spotlight: Hannah Farm

It's not everyday that you find an organization like Hannah Farm. Conceived by two best friends, Jon and Anthony, Hannah Farm has succeeded in producing wholesome, nourishing, real food with a commitment to organic practices. 

Jon and Anthony's food journey began in Anthony's uncle's kitchen. It was their exposure to wholesome healthy food that inspired their fast-casual restaurant model, B.GOOD. Their B.GOOD restaurants source from local farmers and work to reconnect customers to the food on their plates, ultimately in the hopes of changing the fast food industry for good. 

Hannah Farm

Hannah Farm is B. GOOD's brain child in the form of a 1-acre sized lot. The farm is located on one of the Boston Harbor Islands and is only accessible by boat. In order to bring the farm into fruition, Jon and Anthony collaborated with The City of Boston, Green City Growers, and Camp Harbor View. Through their extensive collaboration the farm has become an instrument for feeding, teaching, and inspiring kids. Each day on the farm, twenty Camp Harbor View campers arrive to participate in Farm Club, an initiative started to get campers excited about healthy food practices. 

The farm has a variety of vegetables, 12 chickens, and a band of inspired workers. In addition to providing an affordable camp activity, the farm donates 75% of everything they grow. The produce goes to the island kitchen, Veggie Bags for the campers' families, and to several farm stands in the regional area. All proceeds made from farm stands go directly into the campers' college funds, on top of their hourly wage. 

During the remaining weekends of the Summer, five camper made "Leaders in Training" will market, design, and manage their own retail Farm Stand at local farmer's markets, like the SoWa Open Market! Leaders in Training learn customer service, accounting, and business skills empowering them to think and act like business owners. 

Jon and Anthony invite all interested parties to give back, collaborate, and get dirty at Hannah Farm! For more information on how to get involved please visit their website or come check them out at the SoWa Open Markets on August 5, August 6, and August 19!