SoWa Spotlight: Gallery BOM

Yunmin Zala, Director of Gallery BOM is pleased to present the paintings of New York-based artist Angela A’Court. The exhibition, titled “Thisness” will feature works by A’Court.

Gallery's BOM's success has been driven by Yunmin, who has cultivated the gallery as a space deeply committed to contemporary art. In line with the gallery's commitment, she is excited to present the paintings of Angela A'Court. Angela received her BFA from Goldsmiths, University of London UK. Throughout her career she has exhibited in galleries all over the world, and now has made a name for herself in New York. Angela's first exhibition at Gallery BOM will open September 1 and run until October 15. 

The quality of being here and now - or such as it is. The concrete, objective reality of a thing.


The exhibit defines 'thisness' in latin terms as "the quality of being here and now - or such as it is. The concrete, objective reality of a thing." To reflect 'thisness' Angela curated a collection of original still-lifes that delicately express "moment" and "space." In the creation of her still - lifes, Angela follows a particular artistic process. She does not set up or arrange the objects. Instead she lets the objects speak to her and the work unfolds instinctively. This allows for each object to find its essential 'thisness.'

In a letter to gallery visitors, Yunmin beautifully describes her experience with the exhibit. 

It is Gallery BOM’s privilege to introduce Angela A’Court’s new show, “THISNESS” in September 2017.
Angela’s work is characterized by openness. It is that openness that invites you into her world—a world in which you become deeply conscious of the space objects occupy. Whenever I see her work, I feel as though I can breathe deeply. The space that she creates invites you to do so, creating, in a sense, your own private moment.
Her compositions also have the very special power to renew your perspective, refreshing each present object. Her still lifes transcend genre, giving each object its own rich, surprising, and complex character.
I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do and are pleasantly surprised the moment you first encounter it.
Best wishes,
Yunmin Zala, Director, Gallery BOM

Join Yunmin and Angela this Friday, September 1 from 6 pm to 8 pm for the exhibit's opening reception. If you can't make it, stop by the studio during business hours between September 1 and October 15! 

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