#MakerMonday: Tamim Teas

Tamim Teas is the first herbal tea company dedicated to the benefits of organic mushrooms. Based in the Boston area, founder Liat is taking the tea market in a whole new direction. Apprehensive about what a mushroom tea will actually taste like? The caffeine-free blends offer a variety of naturally sweet mixes of spices and flavors.

Medicinal mushrooms are exploding in today’s health market. They contain nourishing health compounds now being studied for their potential in cancer care and immune system support.

For mushroom-based tea, it is recommended a longer steep of 20 minutes or more for greater functionality and flavors of the tea.

When handcrafting mushroom tea blends for optimal flavor and function, Liat pairs each freshly dried functional mushroom with a fragrant array of herbs to augment both the health proprieties of each medicinal mushroom and make a well-balanced tea to be thoroughly enjoyed at any time. It's a revitalizing experience for both health enthusiasts and tea lovers alike.

In addition to drinking these mushroom teas warm, they can also be brewed, refrigerated and served cold over ice in the warm summer month. It’s easy and fun! Need to bring something to a picnic or BBQ? Nothing is as unique as iced mushroom tea – it’s bound to pique everyone’s interest and taste-buds. Liat’s favorite blends to serve iced are the Chaga Chai and Reishi Delight.

You can find Tamim Teas at the Farmers Market on August 26th or in local retail stores around the Boston area. 

Stop by the Farmers Market every Sunday to see more healthy living alternatives like mushroom tea!