MakerMonday: Bread Obsession

Nothing beats the smell of freshly made bread in your home, but Bread Obsession comes very, very close! Varda Haimo founded her company in her kitchen after years of self-taught practice influenced by professionals and home bakers alike. Later she partnered up with Joan Forman and together they opened their commercial kitchen just outside of Boston. Today, they sell bread to stores, restaurants, and farm shares in ten towns, and directly to customers at local farmers markets.

We at Bread Obsession aim to do our part to reverse these regrettable trends by making nutritious, beautiful, delicious bread by hand, one loaf at a time.

At Bread Obsession, their approach revolves around 4 key foundations.



Their approach keeps with the tradition of time- intensive methods to increase healthfulness and flavor.


Excellent ingredients with nothing extra, like preservatives, stabilizers, etc.



Their vision revolves around the bakers' knowledge, skills, integrity, and imagination.


They shape each bread by hand to create a unique and beautiful loaf. 

With loaves ranging from bagels to baguettes + a cinnamon swirl loaf for your inner sweet tooth, Bread Obsession has something for everyone. They also make bread loaves from different cultures and places around the world including simit which is a bagel found commonly in Turkey.