SoWa Support: Bohan Family Fire Relief Fund

Sorry, our house burned down this morning.

Everyone is safe :)

We'll be in touch!!


Imagine getting a message like this?!

But receive it I did, after I got to the Grass Roots Farm monthly drop off in Boston over the weekend and the Bohan’s truck and posse were no where to be seen. Before I got this message, I was only thinking about a dozen eggs, perhaps more pork chops, and just maybe some of those preservative-free Hot Dogs … not to mention the usual ‘catch-up’ with Kristin. Obviously my thoughts now elsewhere. 

Grass Roots Farm has been a part of the SoWa family for years and is a fan favorite at the Outdoor Food Market - as much for their quality products as for their lovely story and way-of-life. If you’ve been to SoWa, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of meeting them.

But sadly and shockingly, the 18th century Farm House that Kristen & Thomas Bohan moved into 10 years ago with their three kids burned down Saturday morning at around 10:30am. While they weren’t home at the time, they lost two beloved pets and a house-full of memories.

You can read about the fire,  but if you’d like to help out, donations are what’s needed most right now (no amount too large or small). So please visit the Bohan's Go Fund Me page, set up by their friend Rob and share what you can.

And I’m sure along with a donation, you can send them, as Kristin always says, some “Blessings”. We'll be doing the same.