SoWa 2016: Food Truck Opening Day Lineup!

Let the countdown begin, 45 days until the parking lot at 540 Harrison Ave is transformed to a foodies paradise. If you're a regular goer of the annual SoWa Open Market then you know what we're talking about here.

Picture this, you're standing in the warm spring sun, surrounded by a circle of brightly colored trucks. And each one has something you want. It's like a world class buffet - that drove to you! Now, all you have to do it choose one, maybe two, okay perhaps four food trucks to try out. A first, second, and third course? And don't forget about dessert!

Now, we know that the first time can be the hardest. Which of the many food trucks to try. But don't fret, you'll have 26 more Sundays and over thirty (30!) trucks to sample this season at SoWa! But to help you plan out your menu, we're happy to unveil this year's Food Truck lineup for Opening Day - May 1.

The Roving Lunchbox  *  Daddy's Bonetown Burgers  *  Chili Mango & Lime  *  Bon Me  *  Heritage Food Truck  *  Pennypacker's  *  The Chubby Chickpea  *  Compliments  *  Moyzilla  *  Roxy's Grilled Cheese  *  MomoGoose  *  The Dining Car  *  Stoked Wood Fired Pizza  *  Mei Mei Street Kitchen  *  Clover  *  North East of the Border  *  The Cookie Monstah *  Dragon Roll Grill *  The Coffee Trike

See you May 1st. Come hungry! 


Sowa food truck bazaar