The SoWa Outdoor Food Market – New & Improved

Say What?

That’s right folks, the ol’ SoWa Farmers Market is getting an upgrade - and a new name. While everyone still loved the market just the way it was, the people have spoken and been heard. So for 2016, we’ll be incorporating some customer-friendly tweaks to help make your shopping experience more engaging and convenient. No longer will the Farmers Market merely be a place to pass through and grab a fresh apple or brownie. It’ll now be a market thoughtfully designed to do your weekend shopping while still maintaining the charm and intimacy with vendors that SoWa regulars love.

So What’s New?

The Farmers Table & Breakfast Corner

Each week we’ll have 3 vendors doing on-site food prep & cooking up their fabulous goods to order. Fresh grilled veggies & sandwiches… homemade pasta & sauce… The very essence of Farm-to-Table. For those of you looking for breakfast, grab your morning (or afternoon) coffee & bagel and take a seat to enjoy.

Shopping Carts, Bags & Pickup

No more being limited to buying only what you can carry in two hands - which we admit was cruel & unusual punishment with so many amazing choices. This season we’ll be lending out shopping carts, giving away bags (until we run out), as well as providing a pick-up area so you can drive-in and load-up your car.

Live Vendor Demonstrations

Every week, we’ll be featuring a different specialty vendor who will take center stage to talk about their products and techniques.

Open on Saturdays (Coming Soon)

The antiquated moniker SoWa Sundays was already on life support due the growing popularity of an art & retail community that operates all week long. But soon it can officially be put to rest. The Arts Festival & Food Truck Bazaar will still be Sunday only, but the new Outdoor Food Market will soon be open on both Saturday & Sunday, 10AM-4PM!! Check back for updates. 

sowa outdoor food market