1634 Meadery

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: 1634 Meadery

The 1634 Meadery is a small, artisan style honey-wine maker located in picturesque Ipswich, Massachusetts.  They make small scale batches of mead in a manner that helps capture the true honey, fruit and herb tastes and smells of local ingredients.  Mead is an ancient drink, dating back thousands of years.  Mead was replaced by cheaper beer, cider and wine over recent history, but is finally making a deserved comeback and is the fastest growing craft beverage market.

Come and join the fun at their farmer’s market table and sample some of the wonderful delights this special drink can provide! Then make a trip out to Ipswich to sample their latest creations and find out how mead is made with a tour and tasting.

When they’re here: May 8, May 22, June 5, June 19, July 3, July 17, August 14, August 28, September 11, September 25, October 9, October 23