Ami Fagin

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Ami Fagin

Ami Fagin has been producing original and reproduction fine art since 1985. The inspiration for her newest series: Visual Haiku came as a sudden motivation for daily and concise meditations on life, in general.  After a month of this pursuit it became clear that a new and endearing body of work had emerged.

Ami’s work follows three main branches and she has three web galleries reflecting her large body of art work. Her original calling as a manuscript illuminator offers gorgeous wedding illuminations and traditional ketubah can be seen on her website

Her educational work in genocide awareness and prevention in “thinking through art” can be found on her website.

And this newest series most likely will be her daily meditation in life’s twists and turns, comedies and tragedies.  With her mature skills at expression with a brush and paint she captures the essence of the moment, whatever that moment may portend. 

You can visit all of Ami’s work on any of these sites and check it out at SoWa this summer!

When she’ll be here: May 22, June 19, August 28, September 25