SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Top Shelf Cookies

Hidden away out of reach of daring dinner destroyers, mischievous meal meddlers and over-eager dessert repeaters. Top Shelf Cookies need to be kept hidden out of sight, lest they disappear in a single day!

What else makes them special? Their uniquely composed recipes, the best quality ingredients, a wholehearted passion for baking and their deep roots right here in the Hub.

They make elevated versions of the classics you grew up with, but they love to experiment with ingredients and see what happens! They make a classic chocolate chip, but we love our Boston Lager Chocolate Chip made with Sam Adams Boston Lager.  

The founder, Heather Yunger started Top Shelf Cookies out of a Boston Bruins game-day superstition.  She would bring her Black & Gold cookies to her pregame bar, The Fours, for every game. That season the Bruins won the Stanley Cup and Heather decided cookies were in her future!

When they’re here: Every Sunday!


The Mighty Lioness is Back on Thayer Street!

The Mighty Lioness is back! This time she resides on Thayer Street, standing tall and fabulous!

The Boss Lady, or “The Monument to the First Female President of the USA” as she is officially entitled, is 13 feet tall and weighs more than a ton. Donna Dodson sculpted the her in 2014 from a single log of poplar courtesy of Lessard and Sons in Hampton NH.

According to the Artist, this monument is for the dream that every girl can become President of the United States of America and is also Dodson’s homage to the great American Sculptor, Daniel Chester French, creator of the Lincoln Monument in Washington DC. We first exhibited her in Sowa in the 500 Courtyard in 2014 before it traveled to Chesterwood with the Boston Sculptors Gallery, the historic home of Daniel Chester French.

The Lioness joins 22+ new Galleries and Boutiques that recently joined the other shops and Galleries along Thayer to make for a total of over 60 Galleries and shops in addition to the 70+ Artists Studios at 450 Harrison.

Donna Dodson and Boston Sculptors Gallery

Donna Dodson is a member of the Boston Sculptors Gallery, located at 486 Harrison Ave. Her artwork celebrates the mystical relationship between human beings and the animal kingdom.

Dodson has been using wood as a medium for nearly 20 years, exploring femininity, humor, grace, as well as power through beauty and emotional strength.  Her unique vision reflects the relationship between humanity and an animal spirit that has existed since ancient artwork and cave-paintings.

“Because there were no icons of women in the church that I grew up in, my vision is to create them. Through hybrid female-animal forms that I sculpt in wood, I flesh out sensuality, sexuality and soul with a well-proportioned figurative vocabulary.”