SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Red & Wolf

Red + Wolf isn't just your average stationary vendor here at SoWa Boston.  The eco-friendly greeting cards do more than put a smile on their receiver's face, they help raise money and awareness to the beautiful endangered species that grace each card and print bought.  Whether you're more of a Rhino or just plain "Turtley" awesome, Red + Wolf has a design for you. 

Behind these amazing watercolor illustrations is Rachael and her trusty German Shepherd rescue, Chaco.  Rachael says her inspiration for the company are these incredible endangered species as well as the dying art of the hand-written note.  Not only is Rachael helping us stay connected, but she's doing an amazing job at helping preserve our planet and the creatures in it.

For every card or print sold, $1 goes to The Wildlife Conservation Network.

Find them online, on Facebook, Instagram and Etsy!

When they're here: June 26, July 31, & August 21!