Jesse Freidin

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Jesse Freidin

Jesse Freidin is one of America’s leading fine-art dog photographers. His award-winning portraiture has appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, The New York Post, Modern Dog Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine and many more.

To sum up his passion, Jesse states, “I’ve always been fascinated with documenting the dog/human bond, and seeing that bond in action time and time again is deeply moving to me. Our animals are so much a part of us; getting to the heart of that with an image is everything.”

His approach to photography is rooted in the principles of authenticity, quality and honesty. He approaches his work as a storyteller, not just as a photographer, so he can see and share all that’s wrapped up between you and your best friend without saying a single word.

Jesse works with dog photography and commercial clients nationwide, and is based out of North Adams, Massachusetts. Get to know him at

When he’s here: July 17th and August 21st