SoWa Open Market

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: We Grow Microgreens

The SoWa Farmers market, located at 500 Harrison Ave, is more than just a market, it's a place where local farmers and specialty food makers come together to feed Boston.  And goodness, we're a hungry city!

We Grow Microgreens LLC has become a staple here at SoWa, for it's sustainable growing practices and local notoriety out of their Roslindale greenhouse.  Lisa Evans and Tim Smith are more than just urban growers, they're cultivating the perfect urban crop. 

We Grow Microgreens is changing the way we eat by providing the South End with delicious and highly nutritious microgreens.  What is a microgreen you ask?  As the fine writers at describe them, "they're ubiquitous and cute", "adorable" and becoming a "favorite embellishment for many chefs" including you at home.  Think tiny sprigs of arugula, pea shoots, basil and other garnishes that simply tie the plate together and you've got microgreens.  According to Smith, microgreens were all the rage in the 1960s and '70s, when people simply threw some seeds in a mason jar, add water and voila!  The seeds would sprout, making the perfect garnish for sandwiches, salads and texture to meals.  That trend is back and better than ever.

Not only are they "adorable" but these delicious morsels are insanely high in nutrients.  Just check out the vast list of health benefits from noshing down on these greens.  Just ask Evans who says "once you've gone micro, there's no going back".

Shop daily for our Microgreens
The Harvest Coop
3815 Washington St.
Jamaica Plain, MA
Open 7am-10pm daily

Bacon Street Farm
100 Bacon St.
Natick, MA 01760
Open 7am-9pm daily

Fruit Center
10 Bassett St.
Milton, MA 02186
Mon- Sat 8:00 am- 8:00 pm
Sun 8:00 am- 7:00 pm

Volante Farms (In June)
292 Forest St.
Needham, MA
Open Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sat and Sun 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Find them online and on facebook!

When they're here: July 10, July 17, & August 21.

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: LOVE POP

I'm sure you've seen these quirky origami-like cards around New England, but a Lovepop is more than just a greeting card, it's some serious love in an envelope.

The intricate 3D paper sculptures are designed by naval engineers on cutting edge software and then hand-crafted in the Asian art form of slice form kirigami. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday, if you’re saying thanks (for not mentioning that thing that happened in Vegas) or celebrating (a co-worker’s compulsive love of cats), they’ve got you covered.

Lovepop founders Wombi Rose and John Wise became best friends at Webb Institute training to become naval architects. After school, the duo traveled to Vietnam where they discovered incredible hand-crafted paper cards. They headed back to Boston and put the cards in the hands of friends, family, and strangers--and watched. That moment when someone opened a card and saw the paper sculpture revealed for the first time became their obsession, and Lovepop was born.

The two launched Lovepop out out of the Harvard Innovation Lab in late 2014. Since then, they were named to the 2015 Techstars class, nominated for 50 on Fire by BostInno, gained the confidence of professional investors, and have been featured on The View, Shark Tank, Good Morning America and more!

When they’re here: Every Sunday!

The Mighty Lioness is Back on Thayer Street!

The Mighty Lioness is back! This time she resides on Thayer Street, standing tall and fabulous!

The Boss Lady, or “The Monument to the First Female President of the USA” as she is officially entitled, is 13 feet tall and weighs more than a ton. Donna Dodson sculpted the her in 2014 from a single log of poplar courtesy of Lessard and Sons in Hampton NH.

According to the Artist, this monument is for the dream that every girl can become President of the United States of America and is also Dodson’s homage to the great American Sculptor, Daniel Chester French, creator of the Lincoln Monument in Washington DC. We first exhibited her in Sowa in the 500 Courtyard in 2014 before it traveled to Chesterwood with the Boston Sculptors Gallery, the historic home of Daniel Chester French.

The Lioness joins 22+ new Galleries and Boutiques that recently joined the other shops and Galleries along Thayer to make for a total of over 60 Galleries and shops in addition to the 70+ Artists Studios at 450 Harrison.

Donna Dodson and Boston Sculptors Gallery

Donna Dodson is a member of the Boston Sculptors Gallery, located at 486 Harrison Ave. Her artwork celebrates the mystical relationship between human beings and the animal kingdom.

Dodson has been using wood as a medium for nearly 20 years, exploring femininity, humor, grace, as well as power through beauty and emotional strength.  Her unique vision reflects the relationship between humanity and an animal spirit that has existed since ancient artwork and cave-paintings.

“Because there were no icons of women in the church that I grew up in, my vision is to create them. Through hybrid female-animal forms that I sculpt in wood, I flesh out sensuality, sexuality and soul with a well-proportioned figurative vocabulary.”


SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Ser Verde Shoes

The owners of Ser Verde Shoes, Amy Lambroukos-Silva and Christopher Silva, are lifelong Boston residents and reside in Boston’s South end. While searching for comfortable footwear that had a stylish flair, Amy came across handmade Espadrilles while travelling and instantly fell in love with them.  

Ser Verde sells handmade Espadrilles and shoes that are designed in Boston and handcrafted exclusively in Spain. They offer shoes for women, men and children that are extremely comfortable, stylish, and ecofriendly. The rubber and Jute Soles come from trees, the linen and cotton are organic, and the leather is used for consumption of food first and is derived from cow and sheep. The Espadrilles are handmade in Rioja, Spain, which is Spain’s wine region and the Menorquina style of shoe is made exclusively on the island of Minorca!

When they’re here: May 8, May 15, June 5, June 12, June 26, July 17, July 24, August 21, August 28, September 18, September 25, October 2, October 9, October 23

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Chartzie

Chaya Mallavaram has been passionate about art for as long as she can remember. Like many, she wears several hats every day – mom, wife, daughter, software programmer and a self-taught artist. While Massachusetts is her home today, much of her influence in her art comes from her childhood in India.  

Every journey has a beginning, and Chaya’s artistic one started when she was a child. Her mother always encouraged her to be an artist. When her mother succumbed to Parkinson’s disease in 2009 after a difficult 10-year battle, Chaya felt the need to do something. She helped raise funds and awareness for the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research with the help of family and friends. While this cause will always be near and dear to her heart, she intends to give a part of the net proceeds from the sale of her silk scarves to help fight other equally deserving causes.   

Chartzie, simply put, is exclusive wearable art. From a vibrant canvas to your closet for a touch of chic you won’t be able to resist wearing on any occasion! The art created is infused into fabric to create the silk scarves. Chaya hopes that you enjoy wearing them as much as she enjoys painting them! 

When she’ll be here: October 2, October 9, October 16, October 23, October 30

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Ami Fagin

Ami Fagin has been producing original and reproduction fine art since 1985. The inspiration for her newest series: Visual Haiku came as a sudden motivation for daily and concise meditations on life, in general.  After a month of this pursuit it became clear that a new and endearing body of work had emerged.

Ami’s work follows three main branches and she has three web galleries reflecting her large body of art work. Her original calling as a manuscript illuminator offers gorgeous wedding illuminations and traditional ketubah can be seen on her website

Her educational work in genocide awareness and prevention in “thinking through art” can be found on her website.

And this newest series most likely will be her daily meditation in life’s twists and turns, comedies and tragedies.  With her mature skills at expression with a brush and paint she captures the essence of the moment, whatever that moment may portend. 

You can visit all of Ami’s work on any of these sites and check it out at SoWa this summer!

When she’ll be here: May 22, June 19, August 28, September 25

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Jade Deco Jewelry

Angie Hill Yu is the jewelry designer and maker of Jade Deco Jewelry.  Her unique array of jewelry and men's accessories combines her own modern style with the Art Deco fashion of the 1930s.  Angie’s love for jade developed after she received a traditional Chinese wedding gift of beautiful jade jewelry.

Angie describes her jewelry as both organic and symmetrical. She is inspired by old Architecture and vintage lamps with dramatic, curves or edges, moving out in different directions. She carves her designs through an extensive process: first, by carving sheets of silver, then bending the carved silver to a 3D shape, soldering a bezel, sanding each piece and then finally, adding a gemstone.

You can learn more about Jade Deco Jewelry on Angie's website and find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

When she’ll be here: Every Sunday!

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Hoop! There It Is

Carolyn Brancato, founder and creator of Hoop! There It Is (HTII) and certified Hoop Love Coach, began hula hooping in 2011. HTII sprung from her love and passion for working with both children and adults within the special needs field. Carolyn creates custom made hula hoops for fitness, fun, dance, parties, entertainment and more.

After being inspired by a hula hoop dance performance, Carolyn decided to use hula hoop fitness as her daily work-out. She enjoys being able to work out, have fun, and express herself all at once. Carolyn uses her social work background, knowledge and experience from within the human service field and education as a certified Hula Hoop Love Coach, to share how hula hooping can be beneficial to the physical body and the mind.

When she’ll be here: Every Sunday!

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Jenn Sherr

Jenn Sherr is a Boston Designer who specializes in accessories.  Since the age of five Jenn has been involved in various art forms. Her mother is an artist and Jenn was exposed to Collage and Faux Painting at an early age. While residing in Miami, Jenn was sought out by designers to Faux paint projects and customize furniture using her special Collage techniques. Eventually Jenn moved back to Boston in 2000 and continued painting furniture for private clients. In the summer of 2001, Jenn exhibited her work in a Mother Daughter collaboration at a gallery on Martha's Vineyard.

In 2005 response from galleries and shop owners was exhilarating. Jenn personally visited every shop in the Boston area and her products are now included in over twenty shops nationwide including Miami and the Vineyard. It is not unusual for people to stop her on the street and comment on her jewelry or handbag!

Jenn also teaches ongoing workshops at her Studio and several non profit schools including Florida. Her work can be customized to fit any theme. If you have a favorite item it can be translated to a handbag, bracelet or a piece of furniture and wedding invitations are even often reproduced!

We look forward to having Jenn sharing her work with us this summer at SoWa!


When she’ll be here: May 15, June 5, July 10, June 19, July 31, August 7, August 14, September 18, September 25, October 30

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Faburiq

Faburiq is made for the Modern Man. Crafted from and inspired by Heritage Japanese fabrics, Faburiq is based in Boston and Made in the USA.

Born in Malaysia, schooled in the United Kingdom, and now an improper Bostonian, founder Aruña designs each one-of-a-kind piece, and all hand-finished in the United States. Having been educated in England and Spain, and traveled extensively throughout Asia, Aruña has always been drawn to each culture’s traditional textiles, tailoring and fashion. On a trip to Tokyo, Japan, Aruña visited many local fabric shops, and saw an opportunity to incorporate these traditional fabrics into contemporary men's attire.

Faburiq wants to highlight the unique work of the skilled textile designer that created the fabric, with the lost art of hand-sewn tailored finishes, to preserve these traditions in a contemporary men’s accessory. The end product is a result of reacquainting an Eastern fabric with a New England industry. 

Faburiq is a leap of faith. As Aruña constantly seeks opportunities to incorporate customs and traditions from her own roots into the modern western and international society in which she lives, Faburiq is the consequence of juxtaposition – timeworn fabrics and classical tailoring; rejuvenated, and living harmoniously as the modern man’s fashion accessory.

Faburiq has also recently produced a small line of women’s scarves, perfect for Mother’s Day!

When they’ll be here: May 1, June 12, September 18, October 16