SoWa Outdoor Food Market

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: The Galley Ice Cream

It all started back in 2012; foodie Kelly Williamson took a bite of homemade goat cheese & cherry ice cream at a dinner party. This delicious and intriguing creation inspired her to get in the kitchen to make her own concoctions.

With corporate life weighing her down, she decided to take this passion and turn it into a business. With no hesitation, her brother-in-law, Ted Phillips, who has years of experience working for another start up, quickly hopped on board to be the business advisor!

The Galley Ice Cream is an artisanal frozen dessert company that specializes in unique flavors using premium ingredients. Their mission is to elevate the experience of eating ice cream by giving their customers something they've never had before. Their ice cream is handmade in small batches and they pride themselves on not using pre-made mix, extracts, chemical emulsifiers, stabilizers, or gums. They know that you will taste the difference!

When they’re here: Every Sunday (except May 14)

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: 1634 Meadery

The 1634 Meadery is a small, artisan style honey-wine maker located in picturesque Ipswich, Massachusetts.  They make small scale batches of mead in a manner that helps capture the true honey, fruit and herb tastes and smells of local ingredients.  Mead is an ancient drink, dating back thousands of years.  Mead was replaced by cheaper beer, cider and wine over recent history, but is finally making a deserved comeback and is the fastest growing craft beverage market.

Come and join the fun at their farmer’s market table and sample some of the wonderful delights this special drink can provide! Then make a trip out to Ipswich to sample their latest creations and find out how mead is made with a tour and tasting.

When they’re here: May 8, May 22, June 5, June 19, July 3, July 17, August 14, August 28, September 11, September 25, October 9, October 23

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Carr's Ciderhouse

Husband and wife, Jonathan and Nicole, have been committed to handcrafting small batch, wild fermented hard ciders using apples from their no-spray orchard in Hadley, MA since their launch in 2012. Carr’s Ciderhouse follows the traditional methods of slow - it takes over 4 months- and cold fermentation. They take pride in producing cider that celebrates the fruit.

Their orchard of 2500 apple trees was planted between 2007 and 2012, with more planting ongoing. The trees produce a unique selection of apples including Yarlington Mill, Golden Russet, Kingston Black, Goldrush, and Dabinett. They attribute the complexity and richness of their ciders to their interesting selection of apples.

In addition, Carr's Ciderhouse crafts cider syrup, apple cider vinegar, and a switchel syrup using 100% organic juice. These pantry staples are perfect for the home cook and cocktail enthusiast considering how well they pair with all sorts of foods!

When they're here: Every Sunday!

SoWa Vendor Spotlight: Yummy Mummy Brownies

I’ll never forget the first time I met Melissa Roiter of Yummy Mummy Brownies. It was many years ago on a sunny Sunday at the SoWa Farmers Market. And while I wasn’t much of a Brownie or Chocolate person, that all changed when I tasted one of her delicious treats. Salted Caramel for me, please.

Much has happened since that magical day, including the addition of her AWEsome gluten-free brownies. But probably most exciting for her, is the opening of a brick and mortar bakery in Westborough, Ma, named, of course, Yummy Mummy Bakery. Ain’t life grand?!

Melissa comes from a family of great cooks. Her brownie recipe is passed down from her Grandmother Irene. Her Mother was a Caterer, and her Aunt, a Chocolatier … and I recall Melissa telling me a story about a Grandfather being in a photo at one of those great bakeries on Water Street in Worcester - and if you don’t know Water Street, shame on you! After years of baking for friends and family, she made the leap on Mother’s Day 1997 and a business – and brownie superstar – was born.

When they'll be here: Every Sunday!

The SoWa Outdoor Food Market – New & Improved

Say What?

That’s right folks, the ol’ SoWa Farmers Market is getting an upgrade - and a new name. While everyone still loved the market just the way it was, the people have spoken and been heard. So for 2016, we’ll be incorporating some customer-friendly tweaks to help make your shopping experience more engaging and convenient. No longer will the Farmers Market merely be a place to pass through and grab a fresh apple or brownie. It’ll now be a market thoughtfully designed to do your weekend shopping while still maintaining the charm and intimacy with vendors that SoWa regulars love.

So What’s New?

The Farmers Table & Breakfast Corner

Each week we’ll have 3 vendors doing on-site food prep & cooking up their fabulous goods to order. Fresh grilled veggies & sandwiches… homemade pasta & sauce… The very essence of Farm-to-Table. For those of you looking for breakfast, grab your morning (or afternoon) coffee & bagel and take a seat to enjoy.

Shopping Carts, Bags & Pickup

No more being limited to buying only what you can carry in two hands - which we admit was cruel & unusual punishment with so many amazing choices. This season we’ll be lending out shopping carts, giving away bags (until we run out), as well as providing a pick-up area so you can drive-in and load-up your car.

Live Vendor Demonstrations

Every week, we’ll be featuring a different specialty vendor who will take center stage to talk about their products and techniques.

Open on Saturdays (Coming Soon)

The antiquated moniker SoWa Sundays was already on life support due the growing popularity of an art & retail community that operates all week long. But soon it can officially be put to rest. The Arts Festival & Food Truck Bazaar will still be Sunday only, but the new Outdoor Food Market will soon be open on both Saturday & Sunday, 10AM-4PM!! Check back for updates. 

sowa outdoor food market