Studio Artist Feature: National Dog Day

National Dog Day was August 26th and here at SoWa, the only thing we love more than Sunday market days are our dog visitors! In honor of the paw-tastic day, we are featuring Katherine Miller, one of the SoWa Artist Guilds studio artists. You can find her in studio 411A where she creates beautiful life-like dog portraits along with a variety of her newer work that is taking a more abstract painting approach. 

Take a scroll through the pictures below to see the artist in work! Can't get enough? Find her in her studio on First Fridays, Second Sundays + during the open studios on SoWa Open Market Sundays!

If you love your pup, you can contact Katherine here to commission a beautiful dog portrait! 


Little Free Library + More Than Words


SoWa has recently teamed up with More Than Words to bring a little free library to Thayer Street! Stop by to take a book today + leave a book tomorrow! 

More Than Words kindly provided the first set of free books to kick off the launch of the new library! More Than words is a local Boston based nonprofit that encourages youth who are in foster care, court-involved, homeless or out of school to take charge of their lives by becoming involved with a business. Their model includes youth working in a bookstore selling used books to gain valuable life and professional experience. You can learn more about the organization on their website or visit them in person at the SoWa Open Market on September 23rd + October 7th.


The Little Free Library will be available to the public every day of the week for neighborhood residents to stop by and enjoy! You can also visit every Sunday during the SoWa Open Market. 

MakerMonday: Bread Obsession

Nothing beats the smell of freshly made bread in your home, but Bread Obsession comes very, very close! Varda Haimo founded her company in her kitchen after years of self-taught practice influenced by professionals and home bakers alike. Later she partnered up with Joan Forman and together they opened their commercial kitchen just outside of Boston. Today, they sell bread to stores, restaurants, and farm shares in ten towns, and directly to customers at local farmers markets.

We at Bread Obsession aim to do our part to reverse these regrettable trends by making nutritious, beautiful, delicious bread by hand, one loaf at a time.

At Bread Obsession, their approach revolves around 4 key foundations.



Their approach keeps with the tradition of time- intensive methods to increase healthfulness and flavor.


Excellent ingredients with nothing extra, like preservatives, stabilizers, etc.



Their vision revolves around the bakers' knowledge, skills, integrity, and imagination.


They shape each bread by hand to create a unique and beautiful loaf. 

With loaves ranging from bagels to baguettes + a cinnamon swirl loaf for your inner sweet tooth, Bread Obsession has something for everyone. They also make bread loaves from different cultures and places around the world including simit which is a bagel found commonly in Turkey. 

Get Cooking: A Summer Dinner Recipe from the SoWa Farmers Market

Have you heard? SoWa officially launched its Farmers Market App, and we're celebrating by cooking up a summer dinner. Our team prepped and planned a three course meal using only ingredients from the SoWa Farmers Market! With goods from seven local vendors, we created easy summer weeknight options great for every level of culinary skill, suitable for both vegetarians and meat lovers alike! 

On the menu: Pasta Primavera + seared steak & Mushrooms + boston lager choco chip cookies from Top Shelf 

Pasta Primavera Recipe


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Wash and cut the squash + cherry tomatoes. Halve the tomatoes and cut the squash once vertically and then again into pieces half an inch wide. 
  3. Place veggies on a rimmed baking sheet and sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. Drizzle with olive oil and toss.
  4. Spead veggies into a single layer and bake for 25 minutes, flipping halfway through. 
  5. Meanwhile, bring a pot of water to a boil.
  6. Add the pasta and cook until al dente (about 3 minutes). 
  7. Drain the pasta, saving a cup of the pasta water for the sauce. 
  8. Add the pasta, water, veggies + pesto to the pot and mix.
  9. Top with cheese + enjoy! 

Steak + Mushroom Recipe


For the steak

  1. Pat the steaks dry with a paper towel and sprinkle generously with salt + pepper on each side.
  2. Mince the garlic and rub on each side of the steaks. 
  3. Heat a pan with butter to medium-high heat. 
  4. Sear the steaks for about 3 minutes on each side.

For the mushroom topping

  1. Cut the mushrooms into small pieces + chop the onions. 
  2. Add a generous amount of butter to the pan.
  3. Once melted, add the mushrooms and sprinkle with salt + pepper.
  4. After the mushrooms begin to cook, add the onion.
  5. Cook until mushrooms are nicely browned and onion is soft (add olive oil as needed).
  6. Serve topped on the steak or on the side + enjoy!
IMG_1131 (1).jpg

#MakerMonday: Black Magic Coffee Co.


When heading to the SoWa Food Truck Bazaar the first thing you may notice is a small but mighty coffee cart serving up some of the highest quality espresso based drinks and perfectly crafted coffee. Black Magic Coffee Co. is manned by David Simon who you can find every Sunday at SoWa.     




If you're passionate about your coffee from start to finish, rest assured that Black Magic  Coffee handpicks everything from who supplies their beans down to where they source their milk. Their menu is not expansive with syrups and trendy drinks specifically to focus on the quality of each drink and trust us, you'll taste the difference!

Black Magic Coffee uses Thatcher Farm for their milk. What makes their local milk different from others is how it is pasteurized at low-temperature, which retains the milk's naturally sweet flavor and increased health benefits + it's just delicious.

Not only can you find them at open markets but you can also book them for weddings, private parties and corporate events! 

#MakerMonday: Hunter's Tea

Cold brew tea on tap, anyone? You can find yourself a nice, refreshing cold brew tea every Sunday at SoWa in the Farmers Market. Hunter's Tea sells everything from loose leaf teas to take home and brew yourself to nitro cold brew on tap + specialty supplies. After starting in late 2016, they have been growing and perfecting the craft ever since! 

Hunter's Tea is a small family run company based in New Hampshire. After being unhappy with the selection of whole leaf, organic tea blends, they took matters into their own hands. They now craft exclusive speciality organic blends. Their teas contain elements such as organic full leaf teas, organic dehydrated fruits, and organic spices undergo meticulous vetting to assure their freshness and quality.  Hunter's Tea specifically uses single estate teas lead to a refined taste, increased quality, and delicious flavor.

We wanted to create a place where tea lovers could always expect the best organic cold brew tea and our new tea bar seemed like the best place to start. We handcrafted our mobile tea bar featuring three towers and six taps. We have fun offering experimental blends and Nitrogen infused cold brew teas. Our new cold brew tea bar, also allows us to serve high quality, and craft-brewed organic tea, both cold brew and nitro cold brew with style.
— Adam

Be sure to stop by the farmers market every Sunday to try their tea. Their menu changes so there is always something new and refreshing to enjoy! If you love it, pick up a bag of their tea to brew your own at home. You can find tips + ticks to brewing cold brew tea here on their website

“Our Nitro Tea is a big deal, and I believe we are the only company making it on the East Coast. We have been perfecting Nitro tea since early 2017 and change up our nitro tea draft weekly. Last weekend we had a Banana Oolong Nitro Tea, and a Ginger Black Nitro Tea. The week previous we offered a Peach Black Nitro Tea.”
— Adam

Want to know what's next for Hunter's Tea? We asked CEO Adam Matossian to get the inside scoop:

"Our goal is to have the cold brew tea bar travel all over New England serving up the best organic cold brew tea and nitro cold brew tea. We also consistently change out the taps offering a variety of cold brew and nitro cold brew teas. We're thinking about hosting a Nitro Tea day and only serve six different Nitro Teas. 

Were also currently producing in larger volume and starting to distribute our organic cold brew and nitro cold brew tea in August. "

#MakerMonday: Vintage Market

Located downstairs at 450 Harrison Ave, the SoWa Vintage Market is Boston's weekly destination for antiques, vintage, collectables, art and many other one-of-a-kind items. The Vintage Market is open every Sunday year-round from 10am-4pm. Visit their website, find them on Instagram + visit them during your next trip to SoWa! 

In need of a unique gift? Looking for one-of-a-kind pieces? Love searching to find hidden treasures? The vintage market offers a lot more than just clothing. You can find anything from home decor to accessories. Give new life to name brands such as Coach and Liberty London or snag a vintage guitar to jam out with.  


Don't forget that they are also open on SoWa First Fridays! Come spend some time and search through the endless vintage finds. 

Food Truck Feature: Bartleby's

Bartleby's specializes in vegan food options that are both healthy and tasty!  Their menu has everything from nuggets to sandwhiches and salads. After opening their windows earlier this year, they are already a finalist in for th eScout Cambridge Best Food Truck award!

Make sure to stop by the market on July 1, August 26th, September 23rd + October 7th! 

I was drawn to the food truck because it felt like a great way to go into different neighborhoods and cater to more people. I love serving people and it’s so fun to go to a different spot to feed more people. I think eventually I’ll be interested in a brick and mortar, but I’d definitely keep the truck.
— Stephanie Kirkpatrick Owner & Founder

Wondering what the secret ingredient is behind their vegan food? Bartleby's uses seitan which is wheat flour with all its starch granules washed away, leaving only the strands of pure gluten. You may be asking yourself why they chose seitan over other common vegan subsitues but the answer is simple—versatility.

Seitan has a satisfying juicy, chewy texture. It can be baked, steamed, fried, roasted, braised, stewed, etc.

It's easy to wonder, "How is the food healthy if it's fried?" Bartleby's uses peanut oil to fry their nuggets and patties because it is low in saturated fats and a healthier option than other rying alternatives. Also, the protien allergin of penuts is removed during the frying process making it safe to eat for those with penut allergies!

Seitan is low in fat, low in carbohydrates, and high in protein. It contains no sugar, no saturated fats, and no cholesterol. It contains significant amounts of iron, calcium, and potassium, plus several B vitamins. Seitan also contains seven of the eight essential amino acids, which are the basic building blocks for our organs and tissues.

One thing you don't want to miss is their variety of sauces. They are all made in house and are the perfect flavor addition to your meal! Check out their website to see the new dipping suaces currently in the makes.