Will Kirkpatrick
Will Kirkpatrick
Will Kirkpatrick

Realism is Kirkpatrick's thing, but he also agrees with other sensibilities that say the medium or the material is the thing. He is, therefore, interested in what happens to the paint itself. Kirkpatrick has worked to have an inventory of techniques, media, and process uniquely applicable to each painting to serve the particular message, or idea he is trying to convey. 

Lately,  Kirkpatrick has moved back to painting in larger formats although he still enjoys using his cigar box paint kits to try out ideas, experiment with color light, and value and to test compositional arrangements.

In retrospect, Kirkpatrick's activities and interests have been diverse. He hopes the sum of this experience has imbued his work with an insight that is memorable, important, enjoyable, meaningful, and significant.

450 Harrison Ave.
Studio 223 B
Boston, MA 02118