SoWa Boston: A One-of-a-Kind Shopping Experience


SoWa Boston is a not your typical big city retail destination.  We have no 3-story mega-malls packed with commercial name-brands. No giant department stores surrounded by Fortune 500 companies. Fortunately, we have something much better - A community of artisans, entrepreneurs, and creative minds that believe in crafting quality hand-made goods you won't find anywhere else.

Simply put, SoWa is Boston's cooler, hipper alternative to Faneuil Hall or Newbury Street.  Whether it's one of our USA Today Top 10 Art District establishments, our countless "Best of Boston" winning shops & boutiques, or the now-famous SoWa Open Market and SoWa Vintage Market, we're proud to support and promote the talented folks that make this all possible.   


Located at the Intersection of Creativity & Community 


Previously known as a rundown warehouse district, SoWa Boston has since experienced a dramatic renaissance, blossoming into a world-renowned retail & artistic community, and drawing the interest of developers, restaurateurs, and cutting-edge businesses.

Spreading out from the artist studios, galleries and shops on Thayer Street (450 & 460 Harrison Ave), SoWa is viewed as the creative center of Boston's South End neighborhood. Originally derived from a shortening of "South of Washington", SoWa spans the area from Mass Ave to Herald St (East-to-West) and from Shawmut Ave to Albany St (North-to-South).